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As a result of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy in 2005, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority acquired damaged and uninhabitable structures and vacant lots to sell with the terms of sale including required timelines and guidelines for purchaser redevelopment. As part of the program, NORA was to engage an auction company via a competitive RFP process; the Hilco Real Estate team has been NORA’s sole vendor handling post-Katrina properties since 2012. This auction represents a continuing series of auctions conducted by HRE in NORA’s ongoing effort of rebuilding New Orleans and its neighborhoods.


As part of its continuing series of successful sales, Hilco Real Estate facilitated the sale of an additional 116 structures and development lots on behalf of NORA on August 23 and 24 in another online-only auction. The Hilco Real Estate team for this auction was led by Fernando Palacios, the company’s Mid-Atlantic regional broker and managing director, and Paul A. Lynn, CCIM, a senior project consultant, Louisiana real estate broker and licensed Louisiana auctioneer.


With over $3.827 million in sales generated, this year’s sale was another success for the NORA auction.

Over 170 bidders registered to take part in this year’s online auction. A total of 3,484 bids were placed by registrants with an average of 30 bids per property. All 116 listings received bids and will now be sold to the highest bidders.

Highlights of the auction included a vacant lot on Pasteur Boulevard that sold for $142,000, a 6,000 SF vacant lot in the St. Anthony neighborhood that sold for $116,000 and a number of sites located in the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans’ east areas that sold between $4,000 to $89,000. Bidders were required to provide initial deposits of $4,000 per property in order to bid. After the auction conclusion, sale contracts were immediately delivered electronically to the buyers and closings will be successfully completed by the end of 2021. HRE is pleased to continue to partner with NORA through these programs. The auction events are a very effective, transparent process in determining today’s true market value for this diverse group of properties throughout New Orleans.

Over the last thirteen years, HRE’s Fernando Palacios and Paul A. Lynn, CCIM, have auctioned over 2,400 properties, generating over $68 million in sales for various public housing authorities and governmental agencies in multiple states. They have closed 1,400 properties and garnered $51 million for the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority alone.

Lowest Bid: $4,000

Highest Bid: $142,000

104 Properties Had Extended Bidding

Deposits Collected: $1,900,000

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